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Iambic String Rhyme Weaving by G. LEWIS HESLET

Image of Iambic String Rhyme Weaving by G. LEWIS HESLET


8.5" x 5.5"

36 pages

Hand copied and signed

The first volume of rhyme weaves from G. Lewis Heslet.


Seven String #2

“I smoke when I feel like it, so don’t go and eye me boy”
A dry old bloke said, crowing like a sigh, a woe employ
His eye and flow like broken sky down dyke deploying roe
Below his sigh, deny your choke Old Roy and hike home, go
Gung ho defy death, die, destroy your broken flow and strike
A light to slow your toil, pig sty lung grow dim, choking like
A wry cowboy nouveau, you know goodbye soon strike and cloak
You Roy, so why keep goin’ slow, spike each sigh with smoke
Envoy of slow death, prying pike of snow evoking thy
Will, no steel toy can strike the lie of folk who know they die
They show dislike for joy yet joke they try to die, they show
Childlike smile knowing smoke kills, “ploy, a licensed lie” although
Warlike cough choke airflow and dry the boyish crow who sigh
With smoke, unlike the spry young beau who know the joy of life.


Five string #06

A hand slid slow and light round her ripe shape
And grow to grand size for at sight undrape
Her glow, entering and escaping, white
Voyeur that show her nape, a hand ignite
Her fur and scrape her soul, tonight expand,
Reshape her urban knight and stow your strand
In gaping tight gap, stir the land below
Unite at cape man and in her sea flow
Delight in handling shape to know, for her
Island invite him now to rape demur


4 string # 16

A drunken boat, stumbles and falls
It sunk with grumbles of coated halls,
Crumbles with junk that sprawls from throat
Mumbles that “y’alls done shrunk the moat”
And calls humble, “I’m smote, punchdrunk,
In brawls, in bloated rumbles, a chunk
Afloat like thralls. I’ll spunk umbels
To coat this hunk of enthawled jumbles”


Braid #12

We kill the brightest star
Yet still we are, shine light
Bazaar to fill the night
With tar not bright but ill
Our sight of far is shill
We fight stars’ will afar
From spill to eye’s feldspar